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EduOnCloud - your Academic Sathi

One stop station for all your requirements - Academic notes, previous year question papers  and their solutions. 

A forum where you can discuss on some topic, get all your doubts and queries clarified from faculties of renowned universities and colleges.

Its very hectic to search notes, previous years question papers and their solutions, you go site to site and keep searching but still do not get satisfactory content, so here we are to help you, to save your time, we are bound to provide you the best content that will help you to score more and more into your academic exams and get the deeper knowledge of the subject as well. 

This is our small endeavour for you to get all the things at one place, you don’t need to explore each and every site , one site for question papers and other for notes and yet other for solutions.

EduOnCloud - Your Academic Sathi

You can also share your own knowledge and notes and help others - sharing is caring

You can put all your doubts and questions into the forum and get the satisfactory solutions from best faculties from best colleges.

Help one another and grow together.


Key Features:

  • Explore the technologies, learn and apply
  • Learn programming language
  • Find best notes 
  • Get previous years question papers and solutions
  • Discuss with your friends on some topic
  • Get valuable advice and solution for all your queries and doubt from faculties of renowned universities and colleges.
  • Chat with your mates and faculties